Google Hacks: Fun with Search

Try these on Google even if Instant is on. 
☺ Search for “do a barrel roll” without quotes. You will not be disappointed.
     You can achieve the same result by typing in “Z or R twice”
☺ Similarly, try searching for “tilt” or “askew”.


There are some secret google search pages which are related with different styles. To view them type these phrases in google search and click I’m Feeling Lucky:- 

Note: You have to turn-off the Google instant. To do this, click on the settings button on the right-top corner on Google Homepage and select Search settings. Then select “Do not use Google instant” under Google Instant heading.

☻Google 133t
☻Google loco

☻Google Mentalplex
☻Google gothic
☻Ewmew fudd
☻Google bsd
☻Google Linux
☻Google Easter eggs
☻Google Holidays
☻Google bork
☻Google pacman (yes,you can play it)
☻Google pirate
☻Google chav
☻annoying google
☻Google rainbow
☻Google sphere
☻Google gravity

Google Loco. Press ctrl to change colour

More, try these in google search:-

→Search for what is the answer to life the universe and everything

  Google calculator will show the ans=42

999999999999999 – 999999999999998

Google calculator will show the ans=0

→ Search ascii art on Google and the Google logo will be changed 

→ Try searching for Recursion on Google will say Did you mean Recursion 

→ Type chuck Norris in the search box and have look at the result.


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