►Alt Pad:Type Graphical Characters♫

Although our keyboard contains more than 100 keys but still they are not sufficient as you may want to type characters like these ®© and some good looking graphics like these ♠♥♣.
Like many of you I also thought we cannot type these characters with our simple keyboard but I was wrong and I get know about this when some of mine numeric keys created a problem for me and could not type ‘@’. Then I found out that we can insert the ‘@’ symbol by holding Alt key and pressing 64 from the numeric pad situated at the right of your keyboard.Finding others was easy.You can type these on facebook,twitter,blogger,anywhere over the internet where text can be accepted.
Here are 2 images showing the characters and their respective Alt code in Windows OS.

Some of mine favorite characters are:

Character                           Alt Code
                                 Alt + 1
                                 Alt + 2
                                   Alt + 3
                                  Alt + 5
                                    Alt + 13

                                   Alt + 14
                                   Alt + 15
                                  Alt + 16
                                  Alt + 26
¿                                    Alt + 168
»                                    Alt + 175

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  1. @Shekhar thanks reminding me, its on my list….
    i have thought of writing a series of tutorials for it, but i really don't have time…….i would to try start it before june!

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