How to make Virus

2 Fake Viruses in Windows XP


Shutdown Virus
This will display a custom error message and start a countdown which will shut down the computer.
→ Right-click your desktop and create a new shortcut.
→ Type the following code into the Location box in the Create Shortcut menu:
shutdown -s -t 20 -c “Your message here
→ Replace 20 with the length of the countdown you want (in seconds) before the forced shutdown and place your custom error message between the quotes.
→ Click next and name the shortcut to something the victim would be likely to click on such as “Firefox” or “Games”, etc.

Next, you can change the icon to make it more clickable.
And that’s all! Now you just have to sneak the shortcut onto the victim’s desktop and run!
To stop it, open Run and type shutdown -a.
Shutdown Fake Virus


Endless Command Prompt Windows


This will open up a series of command prompt windows that will never end.
The basic idea is that to create two .bat files that open the other one when opened, so the other one opens the first one again and the windows just won’t stop coming:
1. Open notepad and type: start two.bat
2. Save it as one.bat (make sure you choose all files when saving it)
3. Start another text document and type: start one.bat
4. Save it as two.bat into the same folder as the other one.

All you have to do is to click on either of them.

The only way to stop it is to wait for the windows to become so numerous that they are a group on the taskbar. Then you can use Close group to get rid of the them.


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