Best Five for The Best Five: Apps for New Users

Apps, which you will need to realise the full potential of a newly purchased Android,Symbian,iOS,BlackBerry smartphone/tablet.


1 AppStart
This beautifully illustrated application helps you setup your iPad by providing helpful tips & direct links to download apps from the App Store.

2 Flipboard
Combining Facebook, Twitter and other feeds, Flipboard shows a flipmagazine style view for quick and easy reading. It also works offline.

3 Friendly
    There is no official Facebook app for the iPad so far, so Friendly fills the gap & proves to be quite adept at integrating notifications and facebook chat.

4 iBooks
iBooks allows you to read ebooks and magazines on the iPad. You can either buy from the Store or transfer PDFs using iTunes to make your own library.

5 Zite
Zite is a magazine-style feed aggregator that learns from your usage and provides relevant content from all over the web, Google Reader and your social feeds.

1 Google Goggles

Google Goggles uses an image-based search engine to give you results based in what you catch with your camera.It can also scan barcodes and QR codes.

2 Advanced Task Killer
This app prevents your phone from slowing down by showing all running applications in a list — and giving you a one-touch option to close them all.Although lifehackers refuse to use task killers on Android but people still use it.

3 Astro File Manager
This file manager lets you access the internal and SD card memory — you can search for, cut, copy and paste files seamlessly.

4 Firefox 4
The much-loved desktop browser is available for Android and gives you tabbed browsing, add-ons and synchronisation with your PC for history & bookmarks and ofcourse a great browsing experience.

5 Flash Player
Flash Player enables your Android device to run various websites, videos and related content that uses Flash. It should be built in, but until it is, you need to download it separately


1 Find My iPhone

With this app, you can locate any other iOS device that has been setup with location services. Not only can you locate it on a map but you can also remotely lock the device or wipe all data.


It lets you create your own news stream from your favourite sites & shows them in an easy-to-read format with offline reading.

3 Shazam
Shazam is a must-have for music buffs — it uses data, but can identify a song by ‘listening’ to it. It gives detailed information and allows you to share the info with your friends.

4 Instagram
Instagram is an alternative to the simple camera on the iPhone/iPod Touch 4th gen. You can add effects and instantly share photos over Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare and Posterous.

5 Tune Wiki
Tune Wiki is an internet radio player that displays timed song lyrics on the screen. You can also search for lyrics to your favourite song or send songs to your friends over Twitter.


1 Swype
Swype is a keyboard replacement that replaces the standard singlepress keyboard style. To type a word, you simply draw a line through the letters, starting at the first one and ending at the last. It’s fast!

2 JoikuSpot Lite
With this app, your phone can become a Wi-fi hotspot using your data connection. The lite version does not allow you to secure the Wi-Fi using a password

3 Photo Browser


Display your photographs in a 3D wall with this app from Nokia. You can view and scroll through various images on the phone using simple gestures

4 Play To
This app allows you to play your media wirelessly over your Wi-Fi network to other DLNA certified televisions, tablets and media players

5 Snaptu
Snaptu provides quick access to a number of commonly used services like Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, & RSS feeds in a simple, iconbased user interface.


1 App World
Provides one-touch access to all apps available (paid and free) through BlackBerry’s app store. You need to sign up before using it.

2 BB Protect
This app helps you locate your BlackBerry if it gets lost/stolen. It can also help take a backup of all your data or wipe the handset if you can’t retrieve it.

3 Drive Safely
This app reads your incoming SMS and emails aloud while you drive. Just turn it on and you won’t have to pull the phone out of your pocket. No distraction!

Multi Alarms

4 Uber Social
Although BlackBerry has an official Twitter app, Uber Social is a must-have because of its richer interface and additional options like posting to Facebook.

5 Multi Alarms
By default, a BlackBerry only allows you to set one alarm; with this app however, you can schedule as many alarms as you want on specific days of week.


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