Google+ = Twitter + Facebook: Similarities & Differences

Google+ is really equal to ‘twitter + Facebook‘. It has features of both the social giants. I will be sharing the ‘similarities and differences’/tips/’how to use Google+’/features whatever you feel like.


Here are similarities of Google+ with Facebook and twitter.
♠ You can share your status/heading/post same as we do in twitter and Facebook. You can comment/reply also.
♠ You can +1/like some other’s status or even our own’s also. Same goes with the comments.
♠ You can tag your friends in photos or posts, which is similar to Facebook
♠ You receive notifications when somebody ‘+1’ or comments on your post,adds you in circles,tags you in a photo etc same as it was in Facebook.
♠ Your friends can see ‘who all are your friends’ or in the Google+ language ‘who all are in your circles’.
♠ You can write a brief description of yourself and complete your profile with social to professional information as we do in other social networks.
♠ You can chat with your friends/circles.
♠ You can follow/add in circles any Google+ user without sending any request or getting any acceptance as we do in twitter.
♠ When you share a link, Google+ extracts the image and title from the link same as Facebook.


Now the differences which makes Google+ a better network.
♦ You can have a video chat with 10 people at the same time by starting a Hangout (Facebook also allows to have a video chat but I don’t think it will be better than G+).

♦ You can edit your posts and even your comments. After you share your edited post/comment, it also appends the date in your post showing when was it edited.

♦ You can upload a video in your profile from YouTube or your computer. It can be social or professional which is a different feature as in twitter we cannot add videos and in Facebook we are ought to share only social videos and moreover it does not allows us to share a video from YouTube.

♦ Google+ has some(or may be a lot) of animations that gives a good feel. One animation which I liked the most is the rolling of the circle, when we delete it.

Rolling of Circle

♦ One of the different feature is ‘sparks’ which lets you to add a interest and then receive latest buzz about it when you have free time. It is similar to liking a page in Facebook but here you can see the news from all over the globe and not only from Google+ users.

♦ You can notify your friends/circles when you share a post which I think is not available in any other network. I think this feature can cause spamming as adding in circles is free and not permissible.

♦ You can disable comments or reshare for a particular post, that’s something cool!

♦ You can edit your photos even after you share them.

I may be wrong in some places because it’s a new network and I am also new to it.


2 thoughts on “Google+ = Twitter + Facebook: Similarities & Differences”

  1. Google + as in itself does not allow you to chat, its the same video chat that is available to gmail users and nothing else… And one more thing can you please make an entry to do video chat on fb…. I m sure there is no in built feature that the site makes available its just some sort of weird application….

  2. @shiven you r right it's the same chat service even in every google service you will get the same chat window like in orkut,gmail and now G+. when you sign to G+ it actually signs in into your google a/c and you will become available in every service like youtube,orkut,gmail……. everything is in sync!!
    And for FB video chat……i think you are directed to a wrong page/app……

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