Google: A Danger to your Online World. Is it?

How many times, do you use Google’s services/products in a day? Can’t count? Now, remove Google Search. Still, can’t count? Then you might find this post interesting.

As soon as I open my browser, I am occupied by Google with Gmail as my home page in the Chrome browser. I was very surprised when I explored the Google’s different services apart from the search and Gmail. Google has a service for virtually everything you want do on the web from a giant e-mail client to a small(does google has anything small?). Because of Google, the statement “I couldn’t find it” has lost its base. Also, ‘Search’ and ‘Google’ have almost the same meaning.
Google is really dominating the web, with covering every sector of IT sector. They have their own mobile OS(Android), desktop/laptop OS(Chrome OS), never ending search results and now a social network also.

I have always thought Google to be a vast open source social community serving to the people on the web and through web. But, a talk about Google with Dheeraj Juneja Founder and CEO LogInWorks Softwares changed my mind to some extent. He explained me how Google can be a danger to your online experience and their future plans that can allow them to have a complete dominance over the IT world. He told, how Google’s open and free nature can create a disbalance in your routine internet life with examples of Google Wave, Google Health, and now Google Labs. As Google’s services are free, they can close any of their service when they want. So like this, in the coming times if Google stops a service or starts charging a huge fee for a service that you are preoccupied with, you can’t help it.
“A few years back we were only paying Rs 5000 and we didn’t have any problem about it. But now we have to pay around Rs 50000 to advertise through adsense and we still don’t have any other option or competitor.” he remarked telling how their expense on adsense has increased but the publishers are still earning at the same level. explaining the dominance of Google in online ads.
Google has a complete knowledge of you, what you search for, where you visit, what videos do you like, what sites and blog you moderate, about your mails, about your documents and even in what ads you will be interested in. Only the information about your hobbies, interests, the people with whom you most interact and all your social activities Google didn’t had but with their ‘Plus Project’ they will have every bit of your information that even your best friend will not be familiar with.
The talk also concluded various future plans that can make Google can be a the only leader in the coming years in this IT world.
These were not enough, as further was discussed the negatives of Google Search. The talk revealed that Google Search is demotivating innovativeness. Now, if people are stuck anywhere they will prefer to Google it’s solution rather than finding their own innovative way. “Everyone thinks that, working in this field is easy. Programming is all about Googling.” RP Ojha, a programmer at LogInWorks commented.

Update(13-12-2011) – To what is said in this post, a similar incident took place recently when  Google shut down a girl’s Google account without any warning because they think she is too young to use Google services. She lost all her blog posts,mails and contacts etc.

My Views-
This was the first time when I heard something against Google. I was shocked for a few minutes but after that I regained my fanism back for Google.
If this is will be situation in a near future we will have many more tech gurus warning us.
Why we care about what will happen in future, Google is helping us now and we will use it.
Apple and Microsoft are also developing new standards. Microsoft’s Windows 8 will also create new dimensions in the world of smart phones and tablets.

Windows 8 Developer Preview

Ending this post in the hope that Google will remain Google and the dominance will not become a monopoly.


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