Nokia’s Kinectic Device

Nokia is trying its best to get the domination of mobile market back. Nokia has really lacked technology and innovation in smartphones including the poor Symbian^3 OS and even the Anna or Belle doesn’t look too impressive. But, looking at Nokia’s recent attempts things seems to be changing.
At recent Nokia’s event, it revealed first two WP7.5(Mango) devices i.e Lumia 710 and 800. Also, Nokia unveiled a new innovative device which is till now called Kinect.

Kinectic Device

It is a new concept and offers a unique flexible functionality. The device is somewhat made of rubber that requires user to bend and twist the device to interact with it. It also features a touchscreen which is flexible too. So it’s not a replacement but a improvement. You can bend the device the to go forward or move to the next menu and twist to return.

We have tried using the old mobile buttons, the full QWERTY, touchscreen, tapping and even swiping and all have proven to be a good way of interacting with the device. So, bending and twisting can also prove to be a nice way of navigating the handset.

It’s completely a new way of interacting and atlast we can say that Nokia is still imaginative and innovative.

The flexible functionality can be very useful in areas with long winter seasons where people have to wear gloves and thus, using the touchscreen can be difficult. This technology is also helpful in situations like driving as just by holding the device tight we can answer the call or even when your are eating and do not want put your tasty fingers on the sensitive touchscreen.

See a demo video of the prototype of the device and decide yourself if a device like this appeals to you or not?


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