Hybrid Devices: A Comparison

Phone? Tablet? or Phone-Let?

Tablets are the biggest tech trends these days. Everyone wants one, but not wants to carry it. Sure, they’re convenient because the larger screen makes everything seem better, but what’s the use if you only manage to spend limited time with the device?

Hybrid Devices – 5-inch form factor
Hybrid Devices are called so because they blur the line between a smartphone and a tablet. Their display size is bigger than the normal smartphone and much less when compared to a Tablet. Smartphone screens usually max out at 4 inches, while tablets usually start at 7 inches and can go up to 10 inches. For some, a device with roughly a 5-inch screen is most convenient. They are mostly targeted to provide a better environment for office work.

Hybrid Devices are recommended to people who finds screen of average smartphone to be small. A Hybrid device will fit lot more in a single screen, allowing to see more e-mails, more thumbnails, more appointments and thus, minimizing scrolling and zooming. Another advantage of Hybrid Devices is that they have a better battery life as compared to other smartphones.

Go for a Hybrid Device if want more screen space to better browse the web, see images and watch videos while still being portable enough to fit into a regular pocket and if you hate an odd person staring at you, when you hold up a giant device(tablet) to your ear to take a call.

A Comparison between Hybrid Devices and the near ones.

Hybrid Devices. Click to enlarge
Comparison Table – Hybrid Devices

While the demographic of these devices will appeal to be limited, the usefulness is unmistakable. Expect more such devices in this category in 2012.

What’s your next gadget, a smatphone? tablet? or a hybrid?


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