7 Innovative Uses for your Tablet

So you purchased your first tablet but using the same apps as you did on your smartphone. Well, you can do much more on a tablet than just to play the latest angry birds game!(Even if your tab is a cheap one running android 2.2)
Here’s a list of 7 different ways that can help to get the most out of your tablet.

Access your computer through your Tablet

So you purchased a new tablet and just got a habit of lying down on bed while performing your work. But every now and then, there comes a program that can’t run on your tablet. Despair not, it is possible to access your computer from your tablet through internet(obviously your computer should be running and connected to internet, what did you thought?).
Some of the best apps for this task:
LogMeIn Ignition: Android (Paid), iOS (Free App and Pro App).
TeamViewer: Android (Free and Paid), iOS (Free and Paid).
Remote Desktop Client:  Android (Trial-15 days and Paid).


Convert your Tablet into a Second Monitor

Rather spending money on buying a second monitor for your desktop why not make your tablet even more multipurpose by using it as a second monitor.
Apps to Look for:
Air Display: Android (Paid Rs 277.78), iOS (Paid $9.99).
iDisplay: Android (Paid Rs 277.78).
ScreenSlider: Android (Paid Rs 55.11).


Use it as Recipe Stand

All your food recipes comes from the web? so why not use your tab when cooking. Just buy a fancy stand and you are ready to make your kitchen techy.
Some recommendations:
Belkin Chef Stand + Stylus
Speck HandyShell for iPad 2


Play Retro Games

You can play all games from NES to Sony’s Playstation through emulators. Although, most emulators work on mobile but a tablet will be more comfortable for the controls and moreover it will give you some feel of your old TV.
Best Emulators:
N64 Emulator: Android (Free)
FPse for android (PS1 Emulator): Android (Paid Rs 203.60)
SuperGNES (SNES Emulator): Android (Lite and Paid)
There are large number of emulators that you can download from Google Play but for roms you have to search different roms site. Just download them on your tab and then navigate to them through your file manager. When you will tap the file, android will ask you “Complete your action using?”, choose the emulator you downloaded. Alternatively, if your emulator supports, you can browse through all your roms using the emulator’s own navigation system.
Some popular sites for ROMs:


Make Music through your Tab

Love making tunes, then turn your tablet into your favorite music instrument and just let your fingers do the magic.
Some music apps:
GarageBand: iOS ($4.99)
AudioTool Sketch: Android (Rs 203.53)
RD3 HD GrooveBox: Android (Demo and Paid Rs 271.60)


2 Player Games

No more playing it turn by turn, take the benfit your tablet and play games with your friends on a single screen at the same time.
Some games of that category:
Glow Hockey 2: Android (Free), iOS (Paid $1.99)
Fruit Ninja THD (Only for NVIDIA Tegra 2 based Android Tablets): (Free and Paid $172.55)
Fruit Ninja HD: (Paid $2.99)
MultiPonk: Android (Paid Rs 68.09), iOS (Paid $2.99)
Quisr: Android (Free – 2 Player and Paid Rs 135.46)


Use your Tab as Photo Frame

Just load all your memories on your tablet and let it do the rest of the magic.
Apps that can help:
Photo Slides: Android (Free)
Photo Frame: iOS (Free)


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