Top 25 Windows Softwares

If you have not heard of these softwares, you don’t seem to be a windows user. Top 25 must have softwares for any windows user.These are only 10 to see all 25 visit my website.



10 Nero Suite

Burning DVD’s at one point used to be synonymous with the aptly named Nero.Although most people only use the burning component,the suit is feature rich.




Despite media players such as KMPlayer and Media Player Classic,VLC still remains the last line defense against a stubbornly unplayable video file. If not very factual,this still remains the perception amongst most users.Most people still have VLC on their systems,even if not as the default player,it’s still there.

8 uTorrent
Just 314.4 kb ! Will it work? Is how most people react when they first encounter uTorrent. This small client is easy on resources, has a great looking interface and awesome features.
7 Irfan View

Irfan View has been and maybe will remain the primary tool for all of us when it comes to batch processing,editing, and resizing images.

6 Firefox

Firefox is again one of the most successful opensource projects of all time – built by geeks  and for  geeks.The browser was at one time the most customizable, secure and fast browser.



5 Opera

Opera seems to be doing something right if it repeatedly out performs other browsers in most tests including the one we conducted recently on many of the features of other browsers being built in,it offers a stable browsing environment.

4 WinRAR

The good old giant of the compression world still rules the roost. Perhaps people are still habituated or many like he .rar format that WinRAR can natively compress and archive in.


3 Winamp

Winamp is primarily well known as a music player than a full fledged media player. The look and feel,minute features like pluggins, visualisaton,sorting,shortcuts and tons of other things make this a favorite of a lot of people.Flaes?Sure it’s heavy on ram usage,but there are workarounds.

2 Google Chrome


Chrome has come along way from a buggy,crash little infuriating !#%^ & it used to be.Now with extension support,the newly launched app store and stable releases, it seems to the favorite browser overall.

1 MS Office Suite
Whether it’s the simplicity of word or the complex pivot tables,look ups,and macros you can run in excel or even the impressive fluidity of PowerPoint,we all seem to love this productivity tool.After a clean install of windows you first of all (ok be it second,I forgot drivers) install a productivity suite and its surely becomes necessary to have it on your PC after all you use a PC most often for productivity.
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