Announced Sony PSP 2:NGP

Sony has finally announced the PSP2 calling it  “Next Generation Portable(NGP)”.
It too has features to be called as a device of Next Generation.
►The PSP2 is packed with a quad-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor,
►Dual analog sticks,
►Front and rear cameras,
►Dual rear touchpads,
►High resolution 960×544 pixel 5-inch OLED capacitive touchscreen,
►accelerometer/gyroscope,digital compass,GPS,
►and both 3G and Wi-Fi connectivity.

The PSP2’s menu UI is a heavily customised Android 2.3 interface with navigable homescreens,and in-built location-based social-networking called LiveArea.
The much-awaited PSP2 is set to be released only by the end of the year.



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