Demystifying Video Game Genres

You might have often heard these terms being used when people discuss new game releases or game consoles.Here’s what they mean.

Action-Adventure-The most broadest category of video game genres.Game falling into this category include adventure gameplay along with elements from the action genre.Popular games of this category are God of War,Assassin’s Creed etc.

Role-Playing Game (RPG)– Most RPG’s cast the player in the role of one or more “adventurers” who specialize in specific skill sets while progressing through a predetermined storyline.Famous games in this category are Mass Effect and GTA series.

First Person Shooters (FPS)-The gameplay of an FPS game revolves around a gun or other projectile weapon and is seen by the eyes of the protagonist.The game is in first person perspective.Some of the famous games in this genre are Halo,Call of Duty,Quake and Crysis.

Third Person Shooters (TPS or 3PS)– These games emphasize shooting and combat from a camera perspective in which the player character is seen at a distance. This perspective gives the player a wider view of their surroundings as opposed to the limited viewpoint of first-person shooters.Some games of this category are Red Dead Redemption and Splinter Cell.

Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG)-In this genre a large number of players play and interact with each other in a virtual world.The in game universe keeps on developing and expanding and is usually hosted by the game publisher.The biggest MMORPG is World Of Warcraft with 12 million player worldwide.

Life Simulation-This genre has players behaving the way they do in real life controlling artificial avatars of themselves in a virtual universe.Sims and Spore are examples of such games. 

Real Time Strategy (RTS)-In RTS the players deploy and command armies,warships and other war units to designated spots on a map.A famous example is Age of Empires.


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