Security Tips to Save your Account and Password

In my previous post you have learnt ways to hack a account, now these are the ways to prevent it.

Prevent yourself from phishing

If you have opened a link which your friend(or any other person) has given, always check the url, if it is known or not,before typing your id and password.In chrome, the Lock iconicon appears when Google Chrome successfully establishes a secure connection with the site you’re viewing. Many sites has ‘s’ followed by ‘http’ (eg- in the url of their login page, ‘s’ here means ‘secured’. These tells that all the personal details is encrypted and safe.

Lock Icon in Google Chrome


Prevent yourself from keylogging

Although every anti-virus has a spyware but getting a specialised one will ensure that your computer is not affected by any keyloggers.You can download spybot for this purpose.

Prevent yourself from social engineering

The best way to cut off a social engineering attack is to remove the social element.Keep a password that is disconnected from any personal information of yours.

Other Password Tips

To prevent yourself from attacks in which special softwares perform all the task for cracking the password is to choose a healthy password.
The goals when creating a secure password should be to create a password which:
☺ Is long(atleast 8 characters or more)
☺ Does not use a dictionary word
☺ Is mixed-case
☺ Contains at least one digit
☺ Contains at least one non-alphanumeric character

While all this will create a password that is difficult to crack,it will also make it difficult to remember. A good way to have your cake and eat it too is to create a complicated password based on some memory trick.
Example- ‘n<7Plc8c’ could be memorised as “no less than 7 People  like chocl8 cake“.


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