15 Google+ Hacks

There are a lot of hidden features and tricks just waiting to be explored

#1 Unsubscribe notifications for a particular post

If you have commented on a post, but do not want notifications of the follow-up comments, there is a way out. Click on the little down arrow placed on the right top corner of a post and select “Mute this post”. You can also disable all the notifications from the Google+ settings.

#2 Change visibility for “In Your Circles”

You may have seen that popular pages/people on Google+ don’t show who do they have in their circles. You can do the same, open your profile> edit your profile > click on the section of circles visibility in the bottom left corner. Here you can change the visibility for both “In your circles” and “Have you in Circles”.

#3 Video Chat in HD

By default, video chat in Google+ uses standard definition video, but if your webcam supports it, you can enable HD video support. Click on the little triangle located adjacent to chat and then click settings and then check “

#4 View Photo details

This is something surprising you can view details of photos shared by anyone. Details include photo name, dimensions, file size, camera, exposure, aperture, focal length, ISO speed, exposure bias, flash used.

#5 Edit photos

You can edit photos uploaded by you even after you share them. Just open any photo and then click on actions and then select “Edit photo” here you can rotate the photos or click on edit to apply a variety of basic effects and tune-ups.

#6 Save bookmarks or notes

Create a new circle name it anything you want like “Empty” or “Bookmarks” and don’t add anybody in it. Now share links only with this circle to make it bookmark folder. You can also use t for notes or as a drafts folder for your incomplete posts

#7 Google+ Profile Banner

We have seen banners in facebook on photo strips. We can also do the same in Google+ by dividing a photo of 750 width and of 150 height into 5 small pics of 150X150 each. Now upload the images in the order you want.

#8 Disable comments

You can disable comments or reshare for posts written by you. Click on the little triangle in the right corner of the post and select “Disable Comments” or “Disable reshare”.

#9 Use Styles in posts

You can use various styles while sharing a post like bold, italics etc. To post in bold, add an asterisk at the beginning and end of the word (i.e., *Hi*). To post in italics, add an underscore before and after the word (i.e., _ Hi_ ). To post with a strikethrough, add a dash before and after the word (i.e., -Hi-).

#10 Post via SMS

You can share your posts in Google+ stream via SMS. This can be done by texting your update to 9222222222. This feature is presently available only in India. Standard message and data rates from your carrier apply here. You can also secure your posts which you update through SMS from SMS spoof attacks. To secure, you can choose to setup an optional alphanumeric PIN to G+ settings page. So, if you set up a PIN, include the SMS posts with the PIN. Example- C2B3C2 Hello! everyone@office.

#11 Control Tag approval

By default, tags of you by people in your circles get approved automatically. You can change this settings and choose people whose tags gets automatically approved. Open your profile > click on photos tab > Then click on Edit Profile. Now, you can choose circle or peoples from the option-“People whose tags of you are automatically approved to link to your profile”.

#12 Facebook into Google+

You might miss on the updates from friends who are still not ready to leave facebook. But there is a way out, just install the crossrider’s Google+Facebook extension available for Firefox and chrometo get all updates from facebook into Google+. Download it from here -http://bit.ly/pUUMNQ.


#13 Make Google+ look like Facebook

If you are used to the looks of Facebook, here’s user script that will make Google+ look like Facebook- http://bit.ly/o6FMvt . You will have to install stylish and enable JavaScript in your browser as well.


#14 Know who removed from circle

A extension called Google Minus lets you know who removed you from his circles in Google+. The extension works on the Chrome, Firefox and Safari. You can install this extension from here – http://bit.ly/rtRevN.

#15 Circles interface in Facebook

A website- http://www.circlehack.com/ lets you manage your facebook friends using the drag-drop functionality of Google+. While a coder(http://services.varunkumar.me/circles) has made a tool that’s supposed to transfer your Google+ circles classification to Facebook using VCF files that can be created with Google Takeout


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