Network Neutral India

Please support ‎Net Neutrality in India . Let the internet be free from any discrimination as it always have been.

Even if the intentions of Airtel India’s Zero platform is good. It still can be misused by other telecom operators in the near future.  After all, providing free access to Shopping & Social Networking apps and CHARGING for educational & knowledge sharing sites doesn’t make much sense. Those who want to shop online must be wealthy enough to buy an internet plan.

As of now just over 8 LAKH petitions have been received by TRAI.

To give you a relative figure. Over 7 MILLION petitions were signed in 2012 against SOPA & PIPA which too targeted freedom on the internet.

Respond to TRAI now at with answers to the 20 questions listed here .

You can copy paste the answers chosen by the community. Feel free to edit them or write your own.

Let team and team DGTAL GEEKS know that you did your bit by keeping and in bcc.

Last date to respond is 24th April.

Thanks in advance to all the Netizens.

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