Tips & Tricks for BlackBerry

Run Non-Compatible Apps

Apps that are not designed for your BB phone usually launch but with the keyboard in constant view along wihth the touchscreen acting as a trackball instead of a touchscreen. To fix this go Options >Advanced Options > Applications and then highlight the app and press the menu key. Select Disable Compatibility Mode. Now the app will fill the screen and the touch screen will work like it should.

Protect Your BlackBerry

The BlackBerry Protect app will help you lock your phone with a password, locate your phone on a map and wipe its entire content in case of theft. It also makes your phone ring loudly in case you misplace it and also displays a message in case you misplace it and also displays a message on the home-screen with instructions on how to return it to the owner. It supports backing up all your contacts, memos, bookmarks, messages etc automatically over Wi-Fi and restore it when needed.

Get BlackBerry Info

Hold down the Alt, the cap key and H at the same time to get the Help Me! screen that lists version, app version, PIN, IMEI, uptime, signal strength, battery level, file free, and file total.

Use Your BlackBerry Info In Text

In a message, type the following and then hit space to get the relevant information;  mynumber – this insert your phone number;  mypin – this inserts your BBpin number;  myver – to show your device model and current OS version, or app version. You can also add current date and time to your message. For date- [L] + [D] + [Space] and for current time- [L] + [T] + [Space].

Colourful Trackball

You can change the colour of your BB phone trackball by downloading colorpearl app.

Source Code of a Webpage

If you want view the source code of a webpage, hold [Alt] and type [RBVS].

Important Shortcuts
♠ [Alt] + [Back Arrow] = Switch Applications
♠ [T] = Go to the top
♠ [B] = Go to the Bottom
♠ [Space] = Pagedown
♠ [Shift] + [Space] = Page up
♠ In messages, use [U] to jump to the oldest unread message. [N] to move to next unread message and [P] to move to previous unread message.
♠ Just hold down a letter for a second to capitalize it, instead of typing [Shift] + [Letter].

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