Recover Your Lost Data : Restore Previous Versions

Deleted a important document or pressed [shift +del] instead of [del]? If you were using vista or Windows 7, then there is no need to worry because of a system utility called Previous Version.(XP users can go to the end of the post)

Guide To Restore Previous Version
Introduced in Vista and now present in all editions of Windows 7, previous versions are copies of files and folders that Windows automatically saves as part of a restore point. What Windows System Restore does for system files, Previous versions do it for your documents (text files, spreadsheets,Ms office files, photos, etc). Who says that windows does not have good pre-installed features ?

The function that creates previous version is enabled by default whether you use it or not.
If you don’t know about Restore previous versions or maybe you do, you will just might find it eye-opening.

To experience it just right click on any folder and select Restore Previous Versions. Because it stores only files that have changed, the best place to see it in action is in a folder that you use a lot. If you can’t see the option for Restore Previous Version, maybe it’s turned off for that drive.
Turn on Previous Version
♠ Right-click on my computer » Properties
♠ Click System Protection Tab
♠ Select Drive » Configure
♠ Click Restore system settings and previous versions of files, and then click OK.

When you select Restore Previous Versions a window appears revealing the available previous versions.
You get three options i.e open, copy, restore.

You can open any file’s previous version instantly and directly. It is better than the 3rd party softwares where you have to make efforts and use different tools to get your file back and after that also it gives you damaged one.

The Previous version of file opens normally with the software associated with it.(eg-notepad for .txt file). You can now edit, modify, copy, re-save, or abandon the recovered file. Could it be easier than this?
Note: You can not save a PV file as they are read-only.

By default, Vista and Windows 7 make copies of changed folders and files at least once a day. But you can change the schedule to match your needs.

One more important thing, PV file are temporary and have a limited a lifespan, so you still need those manual backup of your system.

But I am a XP user?
Yes, you are outdated but you can still restore the files the old-school way(yes, by installing third party software). Some of the good ones are:-

Magic Recovery
Shareware –

Shareware –

Recover Recycle Bin
Freeware –

Freeware –


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